Apr. 10, 2022
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1Season 1 Jul. 05, 2022





STATUS: Finale Episode 10 (Complete)

AJ Raval and Cindy Miranda team up with Taya director Roman Perez, Jr. to deliver a heart racing sexy action thriller. A celebrity vlogger involved in a sex scandal and a tough female agent chasing an elusive killer. Two women. Two worlds connected by one scandalous crime.

Director: Roman Perez, Jr.
Cast: Cindy Miranda, AJ Raval, Jay Manalo, Sean De Guzman, Ayanna Misola, Jamilia Obispo, Pio Balbuena, Joonee Gamboa, Evangeline Pascual, Francis Magundayao, Carlene Aguilar, Arnold Reyes, Julio Diaz, Arvic Tan, Angela Morena, Rocky Salumbidees. Ronald Moreno, Joe Vargas, Andrea Garcia, Jastine Lim, Madelaine Red, Krista Miller, Massimo Scoffield, Kristian Allene Gobrin

Original title Iskandalo
First air date Apr. 10, 2022
Last air date Jun. 12, 2022
Seasons 1
Episodes 10

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  • Yahj OyamJune 9, 2022

    Boss pa upload po ep.10..thnx 😁😁😁

  • Labme3344 ajapnnmeJune 6, 2022

    Good morning sir benj sana po ma i post nyo po rito yung sa Directors cut na mga movies po salamat sir.

    • benjieJune 6, 2022

      can you please pm me site address?

      • Angg TangaJune 8, 2022

        Sir bakit hindi nag loloading??

        • benjieJune 8, 2022

          some isp blocks stream/download from mix among other filehosting sites.
          this is an isolated case and not all are affected, depending on isp you are using.
          we got new filehost streamlare and uploaded movies 2020-2022, please try.
          you may also request upload to streamlare, movies is priority.

  • BalgosHowardJune 5, 2022

    Ep9 boss benj???

  • Jd_soriano02June 5, 2022

    Sir benjie wala pa po ba episode 9

  • Matt ThewJune 5, 2022

    Episode 9 sir benjie ? Ask ko na din po ung High (School) on sex ..

  • Sung Jin WooMay 31, 2022

    hanggang ilang episode po ito sir benji?

  • stalerozeroMay 30, 2022

    tagal kantutin ni cindy miranda hahaha

  • Kingkervy0724May 15, 2022

    Sir benjie, invalid ticket id, how to dl?

    • benjieMay 15, 2022

      please read advisory on chatbox.

      • Kingkervy0724May 15, 2022

        Where is the chatbox?

        • benjieMay 15, 2022

          ADVISORY: Mix confirmed that stream/download issues are ISP related problem. We also tested and proven that Mix among other filehosting sites was hold by ISP. You may call your internet service provider and asked why is this happening, or maybe just a bug on their system. We are also finding ways how to accomodate all your concerns, just wait patiently. Again, this is an isolated case and not everybody are affected. For the meantime, please try users suggestion to use or

          ADVISORY: Doodstream streaming now working. If it didn’t appear in your movieplayer, just keep refreshing your browser till it shows. 😎

      • jonysingMay 31, 2022

        Is there any second 2 please mention it

        • jonysingMay 31, 2022

          I mean season 2

          • benjieMay 31, 2022

            no idea, you may ask viva.

  • taiching_krMay 15, 2022

    Episode 6 nga po

  • DeathstrokeMay 15, 2022

    Episode 6 po please

  • langthangMay 1, 2022

    This series is very boring and superficial.

    • Laurence De LaraMay 14, 2022

      so dont watch…why the hell your here…instead of appreciating you are just posting that..pathetic

      • benjieMay 15, 2022

        cool down…

      • langthangMay 20, 2022

        That I don’t find this movie interesting does NOT mean I don’t appreciate admin or this web.

  • Ron damzMay 1, 2022

    Boss Wala pa episode 4

  • tinoApril 29, 2022

    When episode 4 release sir?

  • Vell AldayApril 29, 2022

    My stepmother lover dn bos benjie kay sunshine cruz dn

  • Vell AldayApril 26, 2022

    Bos benjie yung malamaya ni sunshine cruz

  • cubicApril 25, 2022

    Episodes 1 & 2 were posted with English subtitles but episode 3 has no subtitles. Could you provide a subtitled version of episode 3 please?

    • benjieApril 25, 2022

      done, please check.

      • cubicApril 26, 2022

        I must be missing something. I just downloaded episode 3 – stepfather but still do not see any subtitles. Am I looking in the wrong location?

        • cubicApril 26, 2022

          Ignore my previous message. I just found the SRT file. Thanks

  • Velaivan33April 24, 2022

    nasan na po Episode 3 hintayin namin

  • Leena DalisayApril 24, 2022

    Episode 3 po sir benjie

  • ronzander.gamingApril 24, 2022

    episode 3 boss kelan release?

  • ohggApril 24, 2022

    busy yata si boss benj HAHAHA.

    • benjieApril 25, 2022

      sorry, my father-in-law passed away, now i’m back.

  • Jd_soriano02April 24, 2022

    Idol nsaan na po eposode 3

  • Mike DabuApril 24, 2022

    Episode 3 sir benjie

  • mang kanorApril 24, 2022

    sir benj ep 3?? kelan po release

  • Jd_soriano02April 24, 2022

    Wala pa ep 3 idol

  • Dipper MaybelleApril 16, 2022

    Boss pa upload naman Yung movie na “roses and lollipops”-2005 khudet honasan…thank you

  • Jomar OpañoApril 16, 2022

    Boss benjie waiting po sa episode 2

  • nicko pambuanApril 12, 2022

    how to dl

  • Jayson BirtApril 10, 2022

    Kailan po yon episode 2?

  • jake malleApril 10, 2022


    • benjieApril 10, 2022

      no idea where it will fall on the video,
      anyway it runs for 30 seconds only.

  • jake malleApril 10, 2022

    Boss Baka Pwede Po ilagay Yung Watermarks Nyo Sa Mga Scenes na walang eksena para lang po Hindi harang sa kasaRapan ng Panonood. Salamsat Boss Sa movies

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